Arlette Absi

Interpreter - Translator
Arabic, English And French

 (626) 616 - 6542

Interpreter – Translator      *      Arabic, English & French

Available for Transcription, Translation, Face to Face, and over-the-phone - Video!

Over 24 years of experience managing interpretation services for a nationally published newspaper. Skilled in simultaneous interpretation (SI), consecutive interpretation (CI), and liaison interpretation. Conversant in Arabic, English, and French for legal, medical, and commercial sectors. Able to quickly and accurately assimilate speakers’ words and translate them.


January 1998 - 2000 – Marketing & Public Relations Manager - Media Space Buyer, Los Angeles, CA.

February 2000 - Present, Interpreter - Translator, Beirut Times, Pasadena, CA.


• Deposition Experience (Law offices - Hospitals - Medical and Company offices)

• Document translation - Translate your written Arabic - English - French: Forms, Agreements, Legal, Medical, Immigration, Academic, Business, Employer, Conferences, Applications, and any other documents into the languages, customers need and understand.

• Facilitate interactions between non-English speaking families and educational staff

• Interpreting between doctors and patients

• Interpretation at School Board or Parent-Teacher meetings

• Provide on-site interpreting for Commercial, Legal, and Medical assignments

• Translate sentences spoken or written in Arabic, English, and French and vice versa

• Use electronic listening equipment when prompted


• Available for your Emergency services

• Ability to work in a fast-paced environment & multi-task

• Cultural awareness and sensitivity

• Excellent relationship-building skills

• Excellent bilingual communication skills

• Exceptionally professional demeanor

• Motivated, team player, responsible & committed

• Speaks & understands all Arabic dialects without exception.


• Telephone / Video Interpreting: No travel expenses, free Phone / Video calls, experienced interpreter, 24/7 availability on registration, pre-book service, or on demand.

• Escort Interpreting Services: Can behave almost as an assistant, helping clients to navigate while they are traveling on business or pleasure trips. The interpreter may accompany clients to a shopping spree or single meeting or a handful of meetings.


• Member of the American Translator Association - ATA

• Member of the NETA

• Member of the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care

• Member of Southern California Area Translators and Interpreters Association

• HIPAA Certificate (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).